Social Media

Bai Social Media

Bai creates assets for all its social media platforms with its in house creative team. The following is a collection of social media posts we have created that demonstrate the over all social media voice that has been carefully crafted to represent Bai online. I love being involved every step of the way. From conception and physically creating to the assets, to coming up with copy that clearly communicates our core benefits. 

Paid Social

Being healthier should be simpler. And with Bai, it is. So this campaign is a tongue-in-cheek, gimmick-free guide to consuming fewer calories, drinking less sugar, and cutting artificial sweeteners out of your life. We use a little sarcasm, fun visuals, and Buzzfeed-esque headlines to poke a little fun at the world of unattainable resolutions—all while showing how easy Bai makes it to pick a healthy choice.

Instagram Videos

We create all types of short videos, from holiday innovations to recipes, for the enjoyment and engagement of Instagram users. 



Featured Instagram Posts

A selection of our best Instagram posts that are pushing engagement. Click each image to see the caption. 

Twitter Content

Bai's brand voice is incapsulated in the tweets we craft. Twitter content includes brand personification,  current events, and brand engagement.