Super Bowl

Bai's Super Bowl 51 Commercial

I would tell you all about this Super Bowl Spot we created. But if Justin Timberlake doesn't have to talk I don't see why I should. I'll let this speak for itself. 

BAI BAI BAI By The Numbers

The numbers might just tell a better story than we did. 

2.7 Billion earned media impressions

Including all press coverage pre and post- Super Bowl Li

398.9 Million Social Impressions

Number of people exposed to our campaign through Bai and Justin Timberlake's social channels

16.4 Million Video Views

Number of commercial views on Bai, Youtube, and Justin Timberlake's social channels. And if you watched it just now that 16.4 million and 1. 

91% Positive Mentions

Brand sentiment around the commercial was very high

12.4K New Fans and Followers

Facebook accounted for the biggest growth with 4.3 K added the night of the game


Sharing of the spot contributed to subsequent reach, views, and engagement. There were 48K shares on Justin's page alone. 

25.5K Tweets with #BAIBAIBAI

The hashtag was used across all social platforms, with Twitter seeing the most usage

What other writers had to say about our writing

For the 2017 Super Bowl 51 the Bai in house creative team created a commercial and advertising assets using the same imagery.  


Teaser Trailer for Super Bowl 51 Commercial 

IMDb Screen Wrap

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